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If you are looking for the most advanced solar panels for heating a pool, the iSwim panel offered by Florida Solar Design Group will not disappoint you. Manufactured in Florida, the iSwim solar panel addresses common problems with older solar panel brands with better design and manufacturing techniques. The forward thinking design incorporates the best in performance and energy efficiency, and is designed to work the best on new and existing swimming pools.

Most Advanced Solar Panel for Pools – iSwim
The iSwim panel is the most advanced solar panel for pool heating available today.

Our competitors tout their decades in business and proven technology. In reality, not much has happened in the solar pool heating industry in the last 40 years. Most manufacturers are still using the same designs, methods, and even factory machines that were developed decades ago. While they have had amazing longevity and success, there have also been a lot of issues in the industry, and we aim to reduce or eliminate those issues.

For example, solar panel leaks are a reality for all brands (our included, however it’s far less of an issue). By incorporating the best practices in design and improving the manufacturing process in a new facility, the manufacturer of the iSwim panel has built a product that we feel very confident in backing. Most of the innovations that prevent panel leaks are not really new — they are just an amalgamation of the best design ideas used over the last 40 years. Over-molded headers, tube-and-web design, and flexible expansion joints are just a few ways the iSwim panel brings together the best the industry has to offer.

You might ask why the oldest brands have not incorporated these best practices into their designs. The answer is that the industry is full of cash cows, resting on their laurels and collecting on their investments. That’s totally understandable — it costs a lot of money to re-tool a factory, and incorporate innovations that are divergent from core designs. The very differentiation that defines a product can also be it’s downfall. Advancements in manufacturing often come from relative newcomers.

The manufacturer of the iSwim panel, Solar Hydronics Corporation, was started by industry veterans who saw a better way. With a manufacturing plant decades newer than the competition, they were able to incorporate the most advanced solar panel manufacturing techniques using the best practices in material selection, panel design, build processes, and product testing.

The most important feature we see is the superior flow in the iSwim panel design. With new variable speed pumps and energy codes coming into existence, the need for a low resistance to flow has become absolutely critical. Using all 2 inch plumbing, full 2 inch headers (inside diameter), and wide open full flow tubes (most importantly), the iSwim system achieves the lowest resistance to flow in the industry. That means you get better performance, more energy savings, or both!

Let’s face it — we’re not talking about rocket science. Everybody know that putting a garden hose in your driveway will absorb a lot of heat. A black panel on your roof will transfer a sizable amount of energy into a very large volume of water (your pool). They key is total system performance and longevity. The advancements in manufacturing that led to iSwim panels make them the most advanced solar panels for heating swimming pools today!


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