Babcock Ranch is Heating Up With Solar

Babcock Ranch Solar Pool Heater

Babcock Ranch is known as the first Solar City for its centralized solar electricity energy source. But did you know that it’s shaping up to be a hotbed for solar pool heating, too?

Solar pool heating is over 5 times more efficient than solar electricity at converting the sun’s energy to usable energy. While about 20% of solar energy can be converted to usable electricity with today’s technology, solar pool heating boasts an 80% plus efficiency level! That’s why solar pool heating system dot rooftops across Southwest Florida. And now Babcock Ranch is shaping up to be one of the best places to install solar panels.

Learn more about Solar Electricity at Babcock Ranch and how we can help you be your own electric company here!

With so many pools being installed, residents are looking for the ideal way to provide needed heat to enjoy their purchase. Natural gas is piped into homes in the community, but that is the most expensive way to heat a pool aside from liquid propane. While it is fast, gas is the least environmentally friendly method to heat a pool. We don’t understand why so many pools are going in with gas as the primary heating method.

Solar is the Answer

The good news is that solar pool heating panels work great with gas. You get the best of both worlds – a pool that is always warmed by the sun, every day of the year, without planning ahead, and at no additional operating cost. Gas allows you to quickly heat spas, top off heat in pools, and deal with those times when you need a last minute boost in your pool temperature.

So Babcock Ranch is heating up, literally and figuratively. We are installing solar pool heaters to satisfy the demands of clients who are looking for a great Florida outdoor lifestyle while keeping costs down and being good stewards of the environment. There is no better way to heat your swimming pool, so whether you are installing a new pool or want to retrofit one that was recently built, we are ready to help!


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