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Do Solar Panels Meet Miami-Dade Hurricane Wind Requirements?

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Hurricanes and wind are frequent concerns among those seeking to install solar panels in Southwest Florida, and many people have heard about Miami-Dade hurricane wind code requirements. It stands to reason that people want solar panels installed that meet the most stringent hurricane wind building codes in the country. The concerns usually involve roof leaks and integrity of the roof …

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Should I Put Solar Panels on the Front of My House?

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Aesthetic concerns are understandable when deciding to install solar panels on your home, and especially on the front of your home. Good planning and layout, properly selected materials, and excellent workmanship can result in great looking systems anywhere on a home. Since solar panels are ubiquitous in Florida, especially solar pool heating panels, it is an accepted norm to place …

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Solar Panels for Heating My House

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I finally broke down and turned on the heat in my home as temperatures approached freezing last night in Southwest Florida. About a month from now, when electric bills start coming in unexpectedly high, Florida Solar Design Group¬†will start getting phone calls about solar panels for space heating in homes. I’ll get out ahead of things and answer some questions …

Using Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) Panels to Heat a Pool

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We are asked frequently, why can’t one type of solar panel do everything? Specifically, people want to know if you can heat a pool with solar electric (photovoltaic) panels. With the price of solar electricity now much lower than it was just a few years ago, it stands to reason that heating a pool with electricity might now be cost …