Cape Coral Solar Pool Heater Installation Completed

We just finished an iSwim solar pool heating system in Cape Coral. The owner had been using a pool cover, but while that keeps the heat in a pool, it does little to actually heat the pool. Using solar pool heating panels, pools are heated throughout the day and the pool cover retains the heat at night. The cumulative effect of daily heating and heat retention make for a comfortable pool virtually year round. It also reduces the number of panels required for a satisfying experience.

While most people don’t swim when daily temperatures dive into the 50’s and 60’s, when weather returns to ideal outdoor activity conditions, it’s great to be able to enjoy your pool that has been heated and retained that heat during the worst weather. Solar pool heaters have a recovery time after cold nights and rainy conditions, but using a pool cover greatly improves the overall customer satisfaction. This applies to any heat source. For traditional heaters, you save tremendous amounts of money by not letting unnecessary amounts of heat escape each night. For solar pool heaters you improve the recovery time by trapping solar heat in your pool.

Cape Coral Solar Pool Heating System
Cape Coral Solar Pool Heating System

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