Solar Pool Heating System in Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral Solar Pool Heater Installed March 2016

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Here are some pictures of our latest solar pool heating installation in Cape Coral, FL. This duplex pool was too cold for enjoyable swimming in the spring, so the owner decided to do something about it. With nine panels, it is sized for maximum performance, and all of the suitable roof space was used to achieve the warmest temperatures possible. We had to contend with a satellite dish, but otherwise it was a straightforward installation.

“I am SOOO happy!!!”

– Fran E. in Cape Coral


  1. Very nice pictures here. I love how you guys show detailed pictures on different types of roofing and different angles. This other site I was on hardly explained anything but they just kept saying they NEED to see the roof to give an estimate and can”t even give me a ballpark estimate. I will definitely be in contact with you guys soon! I love how straight forward and honest all these posts have been.

  2. This information really helped me. Thank you for sharing this great Article. Keep it up

  3. Those look really nice! Thanks for the different angles. I’ve been thinking about doing this for my pool. I never get to enjoy it because it’s just always to cold.

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