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How Much Does a Solar Pool Heater Cost?

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If you are just starting to research how much a solar pool heater costs, and you are not ready to contact a dealer, we totally understand. After all, solar panel pricing is all over the map for various technologies, with some systems costing in the tens of thousands of dollars. Solar pool heaters do not fall into that category. You …

Comparing Solar Pool Heating Panels Types

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Solar pool heating panels sold by professionals in Florida are not all the same. Panels fall into three basic categories: Welded Tube Tube-On-Fin Separated Tube Each type of solar panel has advantages and disadvantage. Each type will heat your pool, performing at varying levels depending on the conditions. Some of the differences are high-tech, and some are common sense. Adding …

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Solar Pool Heating Panels on a Tile Roof – Design to Reality

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We have a lot of tile roofs in Florida. Sometimes known as barrel tile, S-tile, Roman tile, Spanish tile, or Mediterranean tile (among other names), these roofs are popular, especially in gated communities. Installing solar pool heating panels presents challenges on tile roofs, and we like the aluminum rack method. This method uses structural aluminum channels to act as a …

My Solar Electric System, One Year After Installation

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I just got a $54 electric bill for my 3,000 square foot home. Pretty good, right? I’m walking the walk! Well, it’s not what I had hoped when I installed my solar electric system, but that’s because I’m wildly wasteful now (not that I’m proud of it). I was spoiled by the low electric bills that started coming after I …

Electric Heat Pump Pool Heater vs. Gas Pool Heater

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In my last article I discussed the pros and cons of an electric heat pump pool heater vs. a solar pool heater. While it has little to do with solar pool heating, I thought I would point out the differences between the two traditional heat sources used for residential swimming pool heating, which are heat pumps and gas pool heaters. …

Electric Heat Pump Pool Heater vs. Solar Pool Heater

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Should you buy an electric pool heater (heat pump) or a solar pool heater? Each has its pros and cons, some of which are shared. Electric Heat Pump Pool Heaters Electric heat pumps are popular in Florida, and for good reason. Since heat pumps use the latent heat in the air to heat your pool, warm Florida daytime temperatures are …

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My Solar Heated Pool Feels Warmer in the Morning

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When a solar pool heater owner says that their pool feels warmer in the morning, especially this time of year, it’s usually a matter of perception. As you would expect, solar pool heaters only heat pools during the day when the sun is out and the pool pump is running. Naturally, the temperature in the pool will typically rise throughout …

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Solar Design: More Than a Pretty Picture

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Renderings of solar panels on buildings are very helpful in visualizing the scale and look of a project. However, there are practical reasons to develop 3D computer models of solar panel layouts, and one of the most important is evaluating shading. When obstruction exist like trees, buildings, power lines, and others, it is important to evaluate the impact of shade. …

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What Happens With Solar Panels When It’s Cloudy?

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In a now-famous video among solar energy industry colleagues, the Chairman of the Florida Public Service Commission suggested the The Sunshine State is just a license plate slogan. Solar energy opponents have included Florida’s often cloudy weather in talking points that express doubt about the viability of solar energy in Florida. In fact, Florida Power & Light’s parent company, NextERA …

Don’t Buy the Wrong Variable Speed Pool Pump

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You may have heard about the fantastic energy savings that can be realized with a variable speed pool pump (aka Variable Frequency Drive or VFD pumps). It’s true that these pumps can save a ton of money. Even running at the same flow rate, variable speed pumps are inherently more efficient than the single speed variety. When used at a …