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Urban Solar vs. Suburban Solar in Florida

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I have been asked “why Southwest Florida.” The markets in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami are much larger urban centers with far greater population. It seems like the solar energy business would be much better in these populations centers where there are far more residential energy customers. Florida is a sleeping giant when it comes to solar energy market potential, but …

Floridians for Solar Choice Sponsors Ballot Initiative

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Floridians for Solar Choice is sponsoring a Constitutional Amendment that we support, and you should, too! The purpose of the initiative is to¬†encourage and promote local small-scale solar-generated electricity production and to enhance the availability of solar power to customers. The essential goal here is to allow individuals and business the freedom to produce and sell electricity, and to purchase …

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What Happens With Solar Panels When It’s Cloudy?

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In a now-famous video among solar energy industry colleagues, the Chairman of the Florida Public Service Commission suggested the The Sunshine State is just a license plate slogan. Solar energy opponents have included Florida’s often cloudy weather in talking points that express doubt about the viability of solar energy in Florida. In fact, Florida Power & Light’s parent company, NextERA …

Reports of Unfair Early FPL Solar Rebate Applications

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Note: See updates in Comments below. The last round of the FPL Solar Rebate Program was supposed to begin taking applications at 8:30 am ET today on FPL’s website. There are reports rolling in of applications being started (and possibly even completed) prior to the start time. Several applicants reported that the Apply button showed up as early as 8:23 …

Don’t Buy the Wrong Variable Speed Pool Pump

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You may have heard about the fantastic energy savings that can be realized with a variable speed pool pump (aka Variable Frequency Drive or VFD pumps). It’s true that these pumps can save a ton of money. Even running at the same flow rate, variable speed pumps are inherently more efficient than the single speed variety. When used at a …

Practice What You Preach – My Solar Energy Home

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Last year I finally installed a grid-interactive solar energy system on my own home, and I couldn’t be more proud. Of course, it was expertly installed (by me), and it looks and performs great. I have learned so much about living with grid-interactive solar energy – more than I could have imagined. It is, as I knew, a seamless experience. …