Continuously Improving Solar Pool Heaters

Most of the solar pool heating clients we visit immediately realize that we have a better product. But we are never satisfied just because we have the best solar pool heating system on the market, installed using the best methods and components.

To be absolutely clear, while the panels themselves are important, the entire system is equally important. This includes the valves, plumbing, controller, sensors, wiring, clamps, mounting components, brackets, straps, fasteners, and more. Each part is important in the performance, longevity, and reliability of the system.

There are so many small things we do that may go unnoticed. Some are obvious to our competitors, but they don’t follow suit. Some things don’t even cost more to implement. One example is the check valves we use. Some of our competitors still use the cheapest valves they can buy. We previously used a high-quality serviceable check valve from a major pool equipment manufacturer, which is leaps and bounds better than the cheap valves. But we stopped using that valve for two reasons: the service kit and replacement parts were too expensive and the springs tended to rust and break in some cases. So long ago we started using a valve that we consider even better than the “industry standard” with a special alloy spring and reasonable replacement part costs.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement in our solar pool heating systems. We are excited about another upcoming change!
We are committed to continuous improvement in our solar pool heating systems. We are excited about another upcoming change!

This was part of our continuous improvement program that looks at both materials and methods.

We’re excited about another change that we are about to make. This one is a secret for now. It’s a major improvement to the reliability of our systems in one minor area. It will correct a decidedly rare service issue. Although the issue is rare and relatively inconsequential, it is still something we don’t want our clients to experience. It is something that our competitors grapple with frequently, and it will take them a long time to figure out how we fixed it. If history is a guide, they won’t bother to try, and if they do figure it out they won’t likely implement the simple fix.

It is going to cost us just $1 per solar panel to implement this fix. It would be crazy not to do this.

The only hint we can give is that a new part will replace an older style part that fulfills the same function. However, the new part is 41% stronger and is better at what it is supposed to do in terms of uniformity. We’ll leave it at that. If our competitors can guess what we’re up to, chances are they won’t make the change anyway. And it completely eliminates a claim that one competitor seems to always make about our product.

Materials, Methods, and PROCESS

Our improvements don’t just apply to the installation. Other small changes like accepting ACH payments for our customers’ convenience sets us apart. We also recently released a Solar 101 Video for our clients. None of our competitors offer a comprehensive user guide for their systems. That’s understandable since every system is slightly different. But we were able to create a professional video that explains system operation in a general sense while providing enough specifics for most users.

The process of getting a solar pool heating installed can be stressful, but we make it easy. We go over the process with our clients, set an installation date, meet or beat that date, and keep clients informed about the permitting and inspection process. We even handle HOA paperwork (to the extent they allow us to do so).

Good, Better, Best

It’s easy to say you are the best at something. In an industry where consumers know little about the technology and dealers mislead clients about what’s really important, the small things often get overlooked. We get into silly sales battles over panel performance (the wrong question to ask), years in business, and overblown manufacturer warranties. These are all distractions. What really matters is the confluence of components and installation methods that make up the system, and all of the small things that make doing business with us a better experience.

Continuously improving our systems and business probably isn’t necessary, frankly. We are already way out in front. The local market is stagnant, dominated traditionally by dinosaur companies that are satisfied with the status quo. We are not that company. If you are looking for the latest technology, the best installers, the most engaged owners, and a truly satisfying solar pool heating experience, get in touch. We would love to show you how we do things.

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