Finance Your Solar Pool Heater

Solar Loans and Deferred Payments For Every Budget

We are pleased to announce a new financing option for our valued solar pool heating clients. Through a manufacturer relationship we can now offer low payments on solar pool heaters starting at just $50 per month.

Enjoy Your Pool Without The Up-Front Cost!

Pay Less Than a Traditional Heater

For less then the cost of gas or electricity for a traditional heater, you can heat your pool with solar panels – all without the up-front equipment costs!

Along with solar pool heaters, we can bundle related equipment and clean up your pool equipment pad or add an energy saving variable speed pool pump. We have options for every budget, with no down payments required!

Take a Second Look at Solar Panels

If you considered solar pool heaters in the past, but were not ready to spend the money, this program will work great for you. You can spread your payments out to meet your budget, and pay off your system while it’s still under warranty. Avoid outrageous credit card interest, and keep your cash until you are ready to pay off your purchase.


Financing is available for most buyers with decent credit history. To get our best program rates, you must bundle a variable speed pump with your purchase. If you already have a variable speed pump, talk to us about other options!

Get Started!

Contact us today to learn more about our latest solar loan and financing options.

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