Southwest Florida Solar Contractor has over 250 5-star Google Reviews

Five Star Solar Installer in Southwest Florida

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We are delighted to have surpassed 250 five star Google Reviews as of September 2023. New clients are often quite impressed with this, but our existing clients are not surprised. Why? How did we do it?

Southwest Florida Solar Contractor has over 250 5-star Google Reviews

We ask ourselves that frequently because we are obviously on the right track, and we want to continue doing what we are doing right. We offer great products, but that’s not hard to do. Our workmanship is top-notch, but there are other good installers out there if you choose carefully. We have a rabid commitment to responsiveness, which isn’t common, but achievable with the right company culture. When we boil it all down, what is the real reason for our success? Here is what we think is the #1 reason:

Owner Engagement

Dominick and Jason are engaged with every single customer and every single project. Dominick does 99% of the client consultations himself. He makes himself available throughout the process and remains a point of contact after the installation for client questions. Jason does all of the contract reviews, engineering drawings, and is responsible for every installation. He is present on most installation sites and is often the last person that clients see when he provides the “Solar 101” to show people how to use their systems. Even when you don’t see Dominick and Jason, they are tuned in and hyper-aware of your project progress through technology and team communication.

How Did We Get Here?

Before we started the company, our thought was, “we can do this solar contracting thing better.” We realized that it’s really quite easy – tell people the truth and deliver on promises made. The concept is that Dominick meets with clients and advises them honestly, providing ample information for clients to make an informed decision. Then Jason takes over and ensures that we meet our obligations by doing what was asked of us. In fact, the last thing you might hear him ask after the Solar 101 is, “Have we delivered on the promises that were made to you,” or something along those lines. At the end of the day, that is what counts the most. Did we do what we said we would do?

None of this would be possible without our experienced and caring employees. We have such a great group of people who have signed on for the commitment that we have made. The three keys to our success posted in our office are Safety/Health, Customer Service, and Workmanship. But everybody knows that the real answer is always to do the right thing. It’s really quite simple.

I say that, but our team obviously works VERY hard. We work long hours, have extensive checklists, deal with extreme heat, and a constant flow of work keeps everyone very busy. Staying on top of dozens of ongoing projects is not easy, but our team has systems in place to make it all come together.

We are constantly adapting and improving. One example is we recently started accepting SMS texting on our business line. We want to communicate with clients in ways that suit them best. After Hurricane Ian we developed a sophisticated tracking system to handle the crush of service requests and battery backup system sales leads that came in. And we have invested in vehicles and facilities that best suit the type of work we do.

Want More Proof?

We have become so convinced that we can deliver on our commitments that we rarely require deposits or progress payments. Let us do the job, deliver on our promises, and meet our obligations. At that time, we kindly ask for prompt payment. You are putting your trust in us, and we are returning the favor by putting our trust in you.

It is exceedingly rare for contractors of any kind, and especially solar contractors, to not ask for deposits. Many contractors are robbing Peter to pay Paul, and don’t have the capital to fund their operations. Others are so afraid of you getting cold feet and backing out that they want to lock you in. If you are properly informed, there should be no reason for this. And many contractors have difficulty getting to 100%, so jobs languish while the last steps are completed.

We never take our reputation for granted. It would be foolish to rest on our laurels. Our commitment to customers past, present, and future is unwavering. We love what we do, so it’s never a burden to be responsive and engaged in this business.

Okay, we’re done patting ourselves on the back. Ultimately, it’s not what we say but what we do. And what we’re doing is obviously working! We haven’t found a single solar contractor in the entire state of Florida with a 5-star rating and over 250 reviews to date. We stand alone, and greatly appreciate those who have taken the time to tell about their experience.



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