Fort Myers Home Gets Solar Pool Heating Panels

Fort Myers Home Gets Solar Pool Heater

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The new homeowners of this Fort Myers home wanted to enjoy their pool year-round, and recognized that one of the best times to buy a solar pool heater is during the slower summer season. As part of the solar pool heater installation, we cleaned up the plumbing and valves at the pool equipment pad and replaced the pump with an energy efficient variable speed pump to replace the old exiting pump that was very loud and consuming a lot of electricity.

Fort Myers Home Gets Solar Pool Heating Panels

Fort Myers Home Gets Solar Pool Heating Panels

The system needed to be banked with two sets of 4’x12′ panels to get the coverage desired for maximum enjoyment of the pool. This adds quite a bit of plumbing for proper flow balancing, but our installer meticulously lined up everything in a workmanlike manner. This particular community requires black pipe on the roof. While we don’t recommend black pipe for a variety of reasons, I have to admit that this looks great.

Solar pool heating performance and longevity is all about flow rate and reducing restriction. We replaced as much 1-1/2″ plumbing as possible with 2 inch at the equipment pad to reduce the back pressure, increase heating performance, and reduce the variable speed pump speed (reducing noise and electricity costs). When installing a solar pool heater it’s an ideal time to clean other things up and replace aging equipment.

Solar Pool Heating Equipment Pad Plumbing Cleaned Up

Might as well clean up the pool equipment pad while installing a solar pool heater!

This Fort Myers homeowner will enjoy the solar pool heater in a couple of months, and is already saving money with a new energy efficient pool pump. The system is automated with a solar controller, so it will turn on as soon as pool temperatures start dropping, making it truly “set it and forget it” technology. We look forward to hearing the stories of pool enjoyment well into the cooler months!

If you want to get a solar pool heater in Fort Myers, FL, don’t delay and contact us now before things cool down and business heats up!




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