iSwim Header Clamps

iSwim Header Clamps Don't Break
iSwim header clamps are a two-piece design from a durable polymer material.

Here we go again. One of our competitors ran out of tactics. They came up with a new ridiculous idea that they have been telling our prospective clients. They are now telling people that the iSwim Header Clamps don’t last and they break easily. It’s a classic scare tactic, and it is totally false.

Let’s make something clear. We have never – not once – been on a service call for a broken header clamp. This is the same one used by some competing brands and has been in existence for many, many years. It just doesn’t happen. It’s total nonsense. I challenge our competitors to show me evidence of failed iSwim header clamp hardware of any age, and you should too.

Also known as a Universal Mount, the iSwim header clamp is a two-piece design that maximizes serviceability while providing an incredibly strong attachment to the roof surface for 2-inch headers. It allows two fasteners to solidly attach the base to the roof, spreading lateral and shear loads out along the wide base. It also provides ample surface area for sealants. The top half of the mount slides into the base and clicks into place.

This design allows easy servicing of panels without disturbing the fasteners and roof attachment, which is important to maintain a watertight seal.

The iSwim header clamps are part of an engineering attachment solution for solar pool heating systems. In Southwest Florida that means the system has a design wind load of 160 – 172 mph depending on location. A professional engineer has reviewed our attachment solution and affixed his seal to engineering drawings that we use for every permit application.

These scare tactics would be funny, but they are certainly getting annoying.

What’s funny is that the same competitor who is spreading the lies claims to have a superior aluminum header clamps. They, too, are a two-piece clamp, but there are serious flaws with it, and we have evidence to prove it. The most serious flaw is the clamp is too tight around the header. This is a problem because it does not allow for expansion and contraction. As a result, one of two things happen. Either the headers buckle and warp, or the fasteners pull out of the roof from twisting. Check out the photo below. We’re not making this stuff up!

Header clamps from our competitor binding and not allowing expansion and contraction, causing solar panel headers to warp.
These competitor’s panel headers are warped because of the header clamps binding and not allowing expansion and contraction.

On this particular service call for a competitor’s system we found several leaking panels, a non-compatible sealant used on the shingle roof, and rubber coating coming off the stainless steel straps. The header clamps were the last straw, so the owner opted for a new system.

Our header clamps cradle the panel headers above the roof surface, securely resist wind uplift, and allow the panels to move freely horizontally for expansion and contraction and temperature changes. They are not tight around the header, yet securely lock them down.

iSwim Header Clamps Lined Up Straight Allow Expansion and Contraction
iSwim Header Clamps Lined Up Straight Allow Expansion and Contraction


The iSwim Header Clamp is engineered for Florida's Building Code and high wind zones.
The iSwim Header Clamp is engineered for Florida’s Building Code and high wind zones.



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