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iSwim Solar Pool Heater LogoFlorida Solar Design Group is Southwest Florida’s exclusive dealer for iSwim Solar Pool Heating Panels. Made right here in Florida, iSwim combines excellent performance, superior design, and unparalleled reliability to provide the best value in solar pool heating available. Professionally installed by Florida Solar Design Group, your iSwim system will provide many years of satisfying pool heat using solar energy, requiring no ongoing maintenance and operational costs.

The iSwim Difference

The iSwim Solar Pool Heating System is better in many ways. Through years of experience we have learned what to look for in a solar pool heating collector and what matters to pool owners. Here is what makes iSwim you best solar pool heating option:

iSwim Solar Pool Heating System
1 Over-molded header produces a superior bond and virtually eliminates restriction of flow from the panel header to the absorber surface. This provides efficient flow through the entire system and sends more water back to your pool, increasing heating performance. 1 of 6 2 Tube-and-fin design balances rigidity and flexibility reducing the chance of leaks at tube welds found in other panel designs. This design, coupled with the fluted tube extrusion, improves performance by maximizing surface area and reducing wind-related heat loss. 2 of 6 3 iSwim headers are injection molded directly over the absorber surface, creating a one piece, unibody collector. Traditionally, headers are welded to the absorber by melting both surfaces and pressing parts together. This outdated method creates a weak point in the collector and inconsistencies in flow through each individual tube. 3 of 6 4 iSwim’s unique header anchoring system cradles the header above the roof surface and allows panels to be securely mounted in rafters rather than the roof decking. Header clamps allow stress-free expansion and contraction of panel during temperature variations. 4 of 6 5 The iSwim strap anchoring system spans the entire array of panels to securely resist wind action. Unlike other brands, iSwim panels are exactly 48 inches wide, conforming to standard building practices with roof trusses at 24 inches on center. 5 of 6 6 iSwim collectors feature interlocking, flexible expansion joints every 6 inches that allow natural expansion and contraction, eliminating buckling and binding stresses caused by temperature variations. This improves the reliability of the panel, providing greatly improved leak-free operation versus other designs. 6 of 6

How it Works

The iSwim system uses your existing pool equipment to circulate pool water through highly efficient solar panels, returning warm water to your pool. Since you most likely already operate your pool pump during the sunlight hours, you will have a warmer pool every day of the year, significantly lengthening your swimming season and making your pool more enjoyable.

Warm Pools Create a Splash!

Allow us to custom design an iSwim solar pool heating system suited to your roof, pool, and expectations. Each roof is different, pool sizes and features vary, and understanding how you use your pool is important. Our expert designers and consultants will ensure that you are making a smart investment, and our factory-trained installers will provide you with a great looking and long lasting product.

Florida Solar Design Group selected iSwim solar pool heating panels among the available brands to represent after years of experience. We have learned what consumers demand and how to increase system performance while reducing service issues. The iSwim brand provides the ultimate in customer value in our opinion, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Experience the difference with an iSwim Solar Pool Heating System. Contact us today!

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