Bubbles in Pool From Solar Pool Heater

Large Bubble in Pool – Solar Pool Heating Startup

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Watch this video to learn what it means when you get large bubbles in the pool when your solar pool heating system starts up each time.

When your pool pump shuts off or your solar panels shut off during the day, the water in the panels drains down to the pool. The panels fill up with air. When your solar pool heater starts up, the air is purged from the panels and forced back to the pool through your pool jets. Eventually, the large bubbles should stop.




  1. We just replaced a single speed pool pump with a Pentair VSF. Heating source is a 6 panel Heliocoil system. We see the air purge on startup, however we also see smaller bubbles in the inward flow throughout the day and hear some airflow through the pipes going to and returning from the panels. Is that bubbling normal? I worry about entrained air in the system.

    1. Author

      Hi Robert,

      You need to turn up the pump speed during solar operation. Make sure the filter is clean and well maintained.

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