Large Solar Pool Heating System Installed in Fort Myers, FL

This large solar pool heater was designed and installed by Florida Solar Design Group in Fort Myers, FL for a family with a recently remodeled pool. Situated on a perfectly oriented south roof with an ideal pitch for winter performance, this solar pool heater will be a top performer, drastically extending the family’s swim season, providing heated pool water throughout the year.

Large Solar Pool Heater
A 13 panel solar pool heater in Fort Myers, FL designed for a large, recently remodeled pool.
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  • Dan Passmore says:

    That IS a large operation there. What is the overall cost of something like this? How long would you have to use it to recoup the cost?

    • Jason Szumlanski says:

      Most solar pool heating systems have a 2-4 year payback period when compared to other heating sources.

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