Cape Coral-Two Roof Solar Pool Heater

Multi-Roof Solar Pool Heater in Cape Coral, FL

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It is pretty common for a solar pool heater to wrap around to an adjacent roof when there is not enough space on one roof surface to get the needed coverage. Plumbing connects the two banks together as if it is a single system on one roof. As long as the height of each bank of panels is the same, the plumbing is quite simple.

Here is a recent Cape Coral, FL installation on two roofs with a total of 13 solar panels.

Cape Coral-Two Roof Solar Pool Heater Cape Coral Multi-Roof Solar Pool Heating System


  1. I recently have been looking into solar options for around the house and this is one of the most sleekest designs I have seen as far as pool heating goes. I love how uniform it looks with the natural roof and how you keep everything simple. Nothing flashy and very clean cut right here. No mess.

  2. This is the best design since i started searching for solar options for my house. I love it and its simplicity

  3. How do you determine how many panels you will need? I would have thought that one panel per pool would have been just fine and as long as you have the sun baking things away, you are good to go.

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