Naples REC Alpha Solar Panel Installation

Naples, FL Home Get REC Alpha Solar Panels

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Naples REC Alpha Solar Panel Installation

Please excuse the fingerprints!

We recently finished a solar panel installation in Naples, FL using all-black REC Alpha 360W Solar Panels. These are really sleek looking and have great performance and warranty as well.

At 360W each, these panels are highly efficient for a 60-cell sized panel. Usually, you need to go to a larger 72-cell panel to get that kind of performance. But it doesn’t stop there. These panels have one of the lowest temperature coefficients in the industry. That means you lose less performance as the temperature increases. In Southwest Florida, that’s a big deal for obvious reasons!

The cells are actually half-cut, meaning there are really 120 cells in a 60-cell form factor. There are multiple advantages of half-cut cells, with shade resilience being one of the most important.

And the warranty is unbeatable. REC has decided to offer a 25/25/25 warranty. A few other manufacturers are doing this, but it’s not common. This warranty covers the product, performance (guaranteed output) and labor should a warranty claim be necessary. But that isn’t likely. REC boasts one of the lowest warranty return rates in the industry, if not the lowest. The actual numbers are inconsequential. This warranty is offered only through authorized installers (like us).

Admittedly, these panels come with a premium price. But the combination of more power in a smaller space, excellent performance characteristics, and a stellar warranty more than make up for the added cost. If you are in the market for a top-of-the-line panel, check out the REC Alpha series. Soon they will be coming out with 370W and 380W versions (but expect an even higher price). We can help guide you on the best value.

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