Naples Flat Tile Roof Gets Solar Pool Heater

I have received a lot of requests recently about solar pool heaters on flat tile roofs. Flat tile is one of the easiest roofs on which we install solar panels. While the tiles take some preparation, and the work is labor intensive, it is relatively easy to walk on. The strapping, often the most challenging and cumbersome parts of the job, is far easier than barrel (rounded) tile.

This particular job had it’s own challenges with multiple staggered banks of panels and a lot of plumbing. This is the only way we could achieve the required coverage for the pool for proper heating performance. Nonetheless, flat tile installations are nothing out of the ordinary, and we love doing them!

Naples Flat Tile Solar Pool Heater
Installed in Naples, FL, this solar pool heater was designed for optimal pool heating on a flat tile roof.

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