Aerial Mapping of Solar Panels

New Aerial Solar Site Analysis Tool

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 Solar Aerial Imagery In Sketchup

Detailed imagery obtained from a drone can be imported into 3D modeling tools to allow for detailed site analysis.

Florida Solar Design Group has acquired new tools to process solar site analyses. This exciting technology provides three-dimensional site maps from unmanned aerial systems (UAS). We can now process huge amounts of data with amazing precision. This provides shading analysis, visualization, layout assistance, and crew mobilization advantages.

As the only solar contractor in Southwest Florida who is also a FAA licensed UAS (drone) pilot, FSDG co-owner Jason Szumlanski is a pioneer in aerial solar panel imagery, filming, and now site mapping for solar energy installations. The tools we have at our disposal set us well ahead of the local industry.

Initially we just wanted to show off our work with high quality aerial imagery and video. New tools are becoming available that provide spectacular opportunities for construction trades. We quickly recognized the benefits of using drones to do more than just take pictures of finished work. We can now use data from aerial reconnaissance and import it into tools that do more than we previously imagined possible.

Computerized site analysis for solar energy projects can save money, help clients visualize completed projects, and avoid delays during construction. Using these tools does take time and expertise, along with an investment in software and hardware, but we believe it is well worth the cost. Solidifying our lead in solar energy design and contracting has always been our goal.

Below is a 3D computer site rendering generated from aerial imagery. This home has existing solar electric panels and a proposed solar pool heater superimposed on the imagery.

While it is not cost effective (yet) to perform a site analysis for every prospective client, we can offer this service at a reasonable cost for those interested. We expect that it will be most beneficial for commercial clients and larger photovoltaic system installations, and for projects where a human on-site analysis is impractical.

For a full 3 dimensional view of the property shown above, go to:

3D Site Mapping for Solar Panels



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