Two-Story Sanibel Island Home with Solar Photovoltaic Panels

October 2015 Solar Panel Design Layouts

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Here are a variety of recent solar pool heating and solar electric (photovoltaic) system designs from the first half of October 2015 by Florida Solar Design Group. For a free evaluation of your roof with 3D computer modeling, contact us!

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  1. Mr. Jason, what angle is a good angle for S. Florida? Does it differ much for Miami vs. west coast Florida?
    Thanks for the posts!

  2. Author

    It does not vary much throughout most of south Florida . Ideal in Fort Myers is about 22 degree roof angle at 171º azimuth (just east of due south). This is due to summer afternoon cloudiness. More about this here:

    There are local weather variations that may slightly impact things, but it’s basically negligible differences. If you want a site-specific calculation, go here for our PV Wizard:

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