Off-Grid Solar Energy System Conclusions

Off-Grid Ground Mounted Solar Panels

If you have made it this far, you may be a candidate for living off the grid with solar energy! Please take the preceding introduction seriously, but do not be scared of proceeding with an off-grid home. All of the issues presented are easily mitigated by proper initial design, and conservative use of the precious energy you will be generating and storing.

Off-grid energy systems are not cheap. They cannot compete with utility electricity, except in some areas of the world where utility power is extremely scarce. While most of your electricity will be effectively paid for up-front, it is relatively expensive energy and you will have to take into account ongoing maintenance costs. Still, the joys of going off the grid often have incalculable benefit.

If you are ready to begin your off-grid journey, contact us and let us know you have read our Introduction to Off-Grid Solar Energy presentation. That will let us know you are serious about moving forward to become part of an elite and growing group who has said no to utility power and chosen to become self-sufficient for energy production.

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