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What is Solar Net Metering?

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  What Net Metering Is Net Metering, also known as Netmetering or Net Energy Metering, is a billing process by which solar energy producers are credited for the energy they produce. On each monthly electric bill a net metered customer is billed only for the net amount of energy consumed from the grid. This energy flow is measured by a …

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How to Read a Solar Net Metering Bi-Directional Utility Meter

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When you get a grid-interactive solar electric system installed in Southwest Florida, FPL or LCEC will replace your standard meter with a bi-directional meter. This meter records electricity flow in both direction — to an from the electric grid — and the net amount of energy consumed since it was installed. This process is known as Net Metering, and it …

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How Much Does a Solar Pool Heater Cost?

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If you are just starting to research how much a solar pool heater costs, and you are not ready to contact a dealer, we totally understand. After all, solar panel pricing is all over the map for various technologies, with some systems costing in the tens of thousands of dollars. Solar pool heaters do not fall into that category. You …

Comparing Solar Pool Heating Panels Types

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Solar pool heating panels sold by professionals in Florida are not all the same. Panels fall into three basic categories: Welded Tube Tube-On-Fin Separated Tube Each type of solar panel has advantages and disadvantage. Each type will heat your pool, performing at varying levels depending on the conditions. Some of the differences are high-tech, and some are common sense. Adding …