Pentair SolarTouch Solar Pool Heating Controller

Pentair SolarTouch — Product Spotlight

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Pentair SolarTouch Solar Pool Heating Controller

Pentair SolarTouch Solar Pool Heating Controller

The SolarTouch is a basic solar pool heating controller with a few nice features. It is easy to use with a simple, customer-friendly interface. The end user generally needs only to select the desired pool water temperature. The controller uses a roof and water sensor to check when solar heating is both needed and available, and turns a motorized valve on automatically when that is the case.

The SolarTouch has no additional relays for auxiliary functions like lights, and no additional valve controls for spas and features. It does, however, include a relay to control a solar booster pump if needed.

The other features of this controller are freeze protection for solar panels, nocturnal pool cooling, and the SolarTouch can natively control a Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump by increasing its speed when solar heating is active. It uses roof and water sensors to detect freezing conditions (no air sensor is required).

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a basic solar controller without pool/spa control and demand a digital interface with variable speed pump control (now or future), the SolarTouch is a great option at a low price.

Manufacturer Pentair
Model SolarTouch
Valves Controlled 1 (Solar)
Relays 1 (built-in for solar booster pump)
Auxiliary Heaters None
Freeze Protection Yes
Nocturnal Cooling Option Yes
Interface Type Digital built-in only
Pump Timer/Schedules None. Requires external pump timer or pump with integrated schedules. Timer override wiring is possible for solar, freeze, and cooling functions.
Pump Control Solar booster pump on/off, Pentair Intelliflo adjust to Program Speed 2 when solar heating is on.
Brochure Pentair-SolarTouch-Brochure-thumbnailPentair-SolarTouch-Brochure
Manual Pentair SolarTouch Installation and Owner's Manual

Pentair SolarTouch Installation and Owner’s Manual

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