Pentair Superflo VS Pool Pump Updated With New Automation Options

The Pentair Superflo VS is being re-released with some new automation functionality. We previously recommended against this pump for a couple of reasons, primarily due to the analog automation options and 1.5 HP rating. The new automation options make it a good choice under certain circumstances.

SuperFlo VS PentairWe have always recommended “oversizing” variable speed pumps so you can get the advantages of low noise and cool running temperatures. The 1.5 HP max Superflo VS is a good choice in our opinion to replace 3/4 HP and 1 HP pumps for pools that have low resistance to flow (low total dynamic head). This will allow the pump to run at a low speed most of the time. We do not recommend installing this pump to replace existing 1.5 HP single speed pumps if you have solar pool heating panels.

The automation improvements are mainly applicable to people with Pentair PSL4, EasyTouch, and Intellitouch control systems or Jandy (Zodiac) Aqualink systems. The new RS-485 control setup will allow a Superflo VS to operate like the flagship Intelliflo VS pump with complete control from the automation system via digital controls with 2 wires. The analog option will still exist, allowing the pump to operate with basic solar controllers like the Pentair SolarTouch and Hayward/Goldline GL-235.

The pump still operates on 115 or 230 volts. While 115V pumps are not prevalent in Southwest Florida, it could replace some older pumps that operate on this voltage without costly electric upgrades.

We are pleased to see that Pentair is improving the Superflo VS pump to make it more suitable for use with solar pool heaters. It will not be applicable to all pools, but it adds a lower cost option where it can meet the demands of some pool owners.


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    I replaced a 1 hp single with this. I also have solar panels. Why do you not recommend installing this pump to replace existing 1.5 HP single speed pumps if you have solar pool heating panels?

    • Jason Szumlanski says:

      Edwin, for the answer to that question, see this link: Why Oversize Variable Speed Pump

      In short, there are benefits to running a variable speed pump at a lower speed (noise, longevity, etc). Replacing a 1.5HP single speed with a 1.5HP variable speed likely will require running the new pump at full speed. That defeats much of the purpose.

  • Andrew Nelson says:
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    There has great information. Thanks for sharing it.

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