Pentair IntelliFlo 2 VST Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pentair Variable Speed Pump Over Current Alarm

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Pentair IntelliFlo 2 VST Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pentair IntelliFlo 2 VST 3HP Variable Speed Pool Pump

If you have a Pentair variable speed pump and receive an Over Current Alarm, this can be caused be a variety of issues. Sometimes this is accompanied with an error number F90059. Here are some reasons this might have occurred:

  • Your pump impeller is clogged with debris. Your pool service professional will need to determine if this is the case.
  • You have “deadheaded” your pump, meaning valves are turned in a way that stops water from flowing back to your pool. Make sure your valves are not configured in a way that leaves water nowhere to go.
  • The pump has run dry and has no water in it. This can be caused by a suction-side air leak in the plumbing, low water level allowing air into the skimmer, a bad pump lid gasket, cavitation from excessive pump speeds, or other air leak issues on the suction side of the pump.
  • There is another restriction in your pool plumbing, i.e. damaged pipes, object restricting flow, etc.
  • A failed electronic drive unit on top of the pump.

These issues are not related to solar pool heating panels (other than an isolation valve potentially in the wrong position). These concerns should be directed to a pool service professional. For additional diagnostic support, you can contact Pentair Pool Customer Service at this link.

If you have a failed drive unit, your pump may be under warranty. Typically Pentair offers a 3-year warranty on variable speed pumps that are professionally installed. Contact Pentair for a service center that handles warranty issues.


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      You will have to fix the underlying issue. If the first four bullet points are not the issue, your only option is to replace the drive unit. Unfortunately, that is not an inexpensive fix, so checking the other potential issues first is worthwhile.


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