Photorealistic Solar Panel Layouts | Solar Panels Superimposed on Imagery

For mission-critical solar energy projects, when visualizing the outcome is critical, we have you covered. We have the in-house capability to take aerial imagery with drones and superimpose photorealistic solar panels on the imagery. We can even do this with motion video.

What can’t we do?! 

For those of you that don’t know, our solar contractor is an avid commercial drone pilot. He is also an amateur videographer and loves photo and video editing. He puts these skills and hobbies together for the good of the business and the good of our clients. When a before and after image of a project is a game-changer, before the project is built, we can make a difference.

Not only are real solar panel images superimposed on this aerial drone image in the video below, but everything is properly scaled to accurately show what the installed product will look like.



This doesn’t just apply to aerial imagery of existing homes. If you have ground-based images of a roof, or even architectural renderings of an unbuilt structure, we can help you visualize what a solar energy project might look like. A picture speaks 1,000 words!

Just don’t tell HOAs because they might start asking for these renderings all the time!

Of course, this type of work isn’t quick or easy. It often takes a lot of planning, a site visit for photos or video, and quite a bit of editing work and processing power behind the scenes. For that reason, we can’t do this for every proposal, and it would be cost-prohibitive for people to hire us to do this for small-scale projects. But for larger projects, this is something you could ask us to do for a reasonable fee if you think it would be valuable to make an informed decision.




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