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Last year I finally installed a grid-interactive solar energy system on my own home, and I couldn’t be more proud. Of course, it was expertly installed (by me), and it looks and performs great.

I have learned so much about living with grid-interactive solar energy – more than I could have imagined. It is, as I knew, a seamless experience. It doesn’t matter whether I am pulling energy from the sun or the utility company – my experience inside the home has not changed at all. The one surprising thing I found is how I look at energy use now. Since I’m getting energy from the sun, I tend to leave more lights on. The end result is that my electric bill is not as low as originally planned, but I get so much more enjoyment out of my home! I would previously walk from room to room, religiously turning off lights in the room I just left. The house was dreary… sad. Once I started saving so much money, I subconsciously started using more energy, and it has become a quality of life improvement that I could have never imagined.

I am still responsible with energy use, and I’m still not a fan of paying the utility company for the excess energy I still need to buy. However, solar energy has changed my life in a way I never expected, and I hereby proclaim that solar energy is not just for saving money, but it can change lives for the better! It has taught me to practice what I preach, but and also changed the message that I am preaching in a way. Solar energy goals are diverse. People install solar panels for financial, environmental, and quality of life reasons, but there are so many agendas out there. Want to impress the neighbors? Are you marketing a green agenda for your business? Want to stick it to the evil utility empire? Planning for Armageddon? Whatever your reason, solar energy can provide so much joy and value. If you “go solar,” sing it loud and proud, and practice what you preach!



My Solar Electric System
My Solar Electric System

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