Quarry Naples Solarize Campaign

Florida Solar Design Group is Solarizing The Quarry!

Solarize campaigns were originally developed out of the SunShot Initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. The first Solarize movements were intended for solar photovoltaic (electric) systems. While we do offer solar electric systems, we thought it would be a great idea to borrow the Solarize concept and apply it to solar pool heating, the most popular form of solar energy used in Southwest Florida. We selected The Quarry for our first solar pool heating Solarize campaign because it is the perfect neighborhood with lots of swimming pools and ideal roof types and orientations.
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The concept is pretty simple — as you and your neighbors sign up to have solar pool heater installed, we can make bulk material purchases, reduce inventory costs, reduce marketing costs, and efficiently install systems in a tight geographical area. We pass along the savings, and everybody gets a better price, resulting in lots of solar pool heaters being installed, “Solarizing” your neighborhood. We want to create a buzz and get everybody talking about it so the word spreads. As more people sign up, more people get to save!

To make it work, we need five neighbors committed at a time. We don’t ask for a penny up front, and your contract is contingent upon other neighbors signing up within a short period. Everybody gets the same price depending on number of panels, location of pool equipment, automation options, and a few other factors. There is no guesswork, no negotiation, and no reason to shop around – you will not find a better value.

Here are the steps:

    1. Fill out the form below to provide your details.
    2. We will do an initial evaluation of your roof using aerial imagery and get your pool size from the property appraiser.
    3. We will contact you by phone and/or email to get a few additional details about your pool so we can determine what features you need and want.
    4. You will receive a proposed layout and firm price by email.
    5. If you have any questions we would be happy to answer them by phone, and if you want a no-charge in-home consultation we can schedule that, too. If you get a group of neighbors together, we can address all of your questions together. You will deal with one of our owners – not a commissioned sales rep. Our goal is to provide you with an education on how solar pool heating works, including what it can and can’t do for you so you can make an informed purchase decision.
    6. When you are ready to commit, sign the contract and return it to us.
    7. Once at least five neighbors are committed, we start the procurement, permitting, and scheduling process.
    8. The systems are installed and you get a full orientation on how to operate it (it’s really easy).
    9. We invoice you and get paid upon completion.
    10. The process starts over until another five neighbors are committed.

Quarry Solarize Campaign Form

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Quarry Solarize Campaign FAQs

Under this program, you will receive special pricing that is well below market rates for equivalent quality systems. You can expect the price to be between $2,500 and $4,500 depending on your pool size, roof orientation, location of pool equipment relative to the panels, automation options selected, and a few other small factors. We expect the average system price to be around $3,500. This is about 25-30% off regular prices.

To get the special pricing, we need at least five neighbors to sign up. Once we have five committed, it will take about two weeks to get permitting and other logistics out of the way before your installation can be scheduled. Installation takes one day for typical homes.

We size systems using the methodology from the Florida Solar Energy Center. Using these calculations, we can normally achieve about 10-12 degrees Fahrenheit above an unheated pool on average year-round. You can get better performance by using a pool cover.

To achieve desirable results, it requires roughly the same area of solar panels as the surface area of your pool. Factors like roof orientation, roof pitch, and shading may result in more or fewer panels. Most residential pools require between six and nine panels for effective heating performance. Your roof size may limit the number of panels we can fit. We can discuss with you all of these factors and how heating performance is affected.

We are running this Solarize campaign through April 30, 2016.

Solarize campaigns have been underway across the nation from Oregon to Massachusetts to promote solar electric systems. Locally, Florida Solar Design Group is part of a team that won the right to Solarize Sanibel and Captiva islands through the Ding Darling Wildlife Society backed SanCap Solar Connect Solarize campaign. We are actively writing contracts on Sanibel and Captiva for hundreds of solar panels now! We were so intrigued by the success of this program that we decided to adapt the concept to solar pool heating, and selected your neighborhood for it’s ideal features.

Florida law requires that HOAs allow solar panels with some caveats. You still need to go through the normal approval process and complete some forms. We will assists you with this. We also know what requirements exist, as we have done business in your neighborhood.

We will install iSwim solar pool heating panels on your home. These are the best in the industry in terms of quality and performance, tested and certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center, and they are made in Florida for our Florida climate. It is the same system we sell to our regular retail customers, and we do not cut any corners. You will receive all 2 inch PVC plumbing, premium valves, and all of the other features of the iSwim system.

We do not expect this to be a problem, as your neighborhood has proven to be very interested in solar pool heating. We chose The Quarry to be sure that we would achieve the results needed for a successful Solarize Campaign. If for some reason we do not meet our goals or if you are not willing to wait, we will provide you with a competitive regular retail price quotation.

Absolutely not. We do not require a penny until your job is complete.

Your neighborhood has beautiful tile roofs, and you understandably want to ensure the integrity of your roof for many years. Solar panels are installed using the foam set method, which meets engineering requirements while not penetrating the main waterproofing membrane of your roof. Strapping is used to hold down panels to the tiles in a manner that meets the stringent Florida Building Code and the design wind speeds required for Collier County. We have extensive experience with tile roofs, and are the only company in town that has factory training and uses the foam set method properly.

As you might imagine, this is one of the most common questions we get. All systems are engineered and installed per Florida Building Code to meet the wind uplift requirements of your area. We can’t prevent all hurricane damage — if your roof comes off, the solar panels are coming off with it, but you will have bigger things to worry about if that happens. Solar panels are covered by homeowners insurance, and would be subject to your normal deductible. Check with your insurance agent.

We are happy to talk to you by phone or in person about your questions or concerns. Solar panels are a major purchase, and we want you to be fully informed.
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