Solar Panel DesignYour home, business, or property is a blank canvas. Let us paint a picture that shows how solar energy products will fit and look at your proposed site. Interconnecting solar energy products to your existing equipment takes know-how and expert design skills.

Florida Solar Design Group uses various sources of aerial imagery or your architectural drawings to produce accurate three dimensional computer models of buildings and terrain. Using these base models, we can size solar energy systems and provide renderings that depict various solar energy products on roofs and other structures. We also provide drawings to be used as part of permit packages and sales literature.

Design services are offered a la carte or part of an overall consulting and product sales package.

Note that we only offer solar panel layouts and system design to clients in our local area and only using the products and components that we recommend and install. If you are looking for permit drawings for specific components that you have sources elsewhere, you should seek the services of a licensed engineering firm.

Florida Solar Design Group is not a licensed engineering or architectural firm. We provide technical consulting and drafting services for visualization and system sizing.