Free Detailed Solar Energy Analysis

Solar Electricity Calculator for Photovoltaic Systems

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Free Detailed Solar Energy Analysis

Free Detailed Solar Energy Analysis

Florida Solar Design Group has released a consumer-oriented solar energy calculator that will help you find out how may solar panels you need based on a set of inputs that you enter, site information, weather data,  and various assumptions. It will calculate system energy output and provide a return on investment analysis personalized based on your inputs.

This calculator is free to use, and helps educate you about solar electricity’s features and benefits.

If you are interested in learning how many solar panels you need to eliminate your electric bill, or if you just want to see what a few solar panels will do, this calculator is flexible enough to perform a sophisticated analysis drawing on industry standard performance modeling systems and data. It is a completely automated, web based service with nothing to install or download.

You can get a full analysis in under 5 minutes by filling out the easy to follow questionnaire that guides you through the process. We call it our PV Wizard.

The calculator is located at:

Included Features

  • Enter your address for site-specific solar irradiance and weather modeling.
  • Select either the number of panels you want to install or have the calculator determine how many solar panels are required to wipe out your electric bill.
  • Automatically pull performance data from the National Renewable Energy Lab’s PVWATTS energy modeling database.
  • Enter various parameters and assumptions to see how inflation and costs affect your investment.
  • Detailed charts and data tables to show your modeled investment performance.
  • Receive a full analysis with insight into the world of solar energy.

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