Cape Coral Solar Panels for Pool

Solar Panels for a Pool in Cape Coral, FL

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Here’s a picture of a new solar pool heater installed in Cape Coral, FL. This system consists of eight 4’x12′ iSwim solar panels, which is a perfect size on this 376 square foot pool with solar panels mounted on the south roof. We had one roof obstruction to get around, but otherwise this was a straightforward installation on a roof type we deal with every day.

Cape Coral Solar Panels for Pool

Cape Coral Solar Panels for Pool


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      We use all 2 inch plumbing in every one of our installations to maximize flow, increasing system heating performance. Our panel headers are a full 2 inch inside diameter. We are the only local dealer doing this. With variable speed pumps getting more popular and older pools with lots of restriction, it’s the only way to go!

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