Solar Pool Heat Plumbing Challenge on Roof (3)

Solar Pool Heat Plumbing on Challenging Roofs

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Sometimes a pool owner wants a solar pool heater, but their roof is less than ideal. When solar pool heating panels need to be placed on multiple roofs, it often presents a plumbing challenge. When you add obstructions and varying eave heights, the plumbing can become quite complex. Understanding the dynamics of flow and the requirements to make all of the panels work well is critical.

In some cases, like the Cape Coral installation pictured below, there can be hundreds of feet of plumbing on the roof.

The most important factors when installing any plumbing, but especially when you have a lot of PVC pipe on the roof are:

  • Ensuring a common high point is achieved on the solar return line.
  • Using an opposite end feed and return line.
  • Properly supporting pipe at short intervals.
  • Supporting pipe above the roof to avoid friction damage.
  • Properly sealing plumbing strap attachments.
  • Making sure pipe can freely expand and contract.

Care, patience, and attention to detail is critical to protect your roof. Ask you solar dealer tough questions about how they intend to do that!

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