Solar Pool Heater on Flat Tile Roof in Cape Coral, FL

This solar pool heater was recently installed in NW Cape Coral, FL on a shingle roof home. The system was placed on a roof that is oriented very slightly to the northwest from west. This was done because the southeast roof was heavily shaded from tall pine trees on the adjacent lot and the southwest roof (front of the house) could not accommodate enough solar panels. We upsized the system to account for the lower performance on the NW roof, and the homeowner is very happy with the pool temperature now. Fortunately the roof pitch was low so it will still get good sun throughout the day, especially in the afternoon. Note how we bridged a plumbing vent and how the plumbing was done to achieve a common high for the solar return line, which is required to ensure even flow throughout the system.

Northwest Cape Coral, FL Solar Pool Heater
Solar Pool Heater on Flat Tile Roof in Cape Coral, FL

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