FAFCO Brand Solar Pool Heating by Fafco Solar

Solar Pool Heating Companies in Southwest Florida

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You may think we’re crazy by listing solar panel manufacturers we don’t represent, but we’re that confident that we can earn your business. More importantly, we want to help and educate clients, and you would be surprised at how many people don’t know who their solar pool heating company is. They don’t know the brand of the panels, nor the dealer who installed them. The main reasons people don’t know fall into three categories:

  1. They just bought the house and know nothing about solar pool heating.
  2. Their pool heater was installed many years, or even decades ago. Solar pool heaters last a long time!
  3. The solar company and sales agent failed to follow up and make a lasting impression on the owner.

How do you identify the company that installed your solar pool heater?

Solar pool heating panels have few identifying marks on them. In some cases there are no marks at all, and in others the labels have long worn off or are faded. Identifying them takes an experienced eye, but the differences are great if you look closely.

One thing to understand is that no solar pool heating dealers in Florida manufacture solar panels. They are authorized dealers for their respective brands. They purchase solar pool heating panels either directly from the factory or through distribution. They all have direct technical, parts, and warranty support from the manufacturers.

Without further ado, below is how you can identify what type of solar panels you have and who likely manufactured them.

Solar Industries Brand Solar Pool Heating Panel

Tube on Fin Design

Solar Pool Heating Panels (Cape Coral)

iSwim Brand Solar Pool Heater by Florida Solar Design Group

Brands: iSwim™ by Solar Hydronics CorporationSolar Industries aka Aquatherm Industries (Longwood, NJ)

Panel Type: Tube on Fin

Distinguishing Features: Tubes close togetether with slits or expansion joints vertically every one foot in panel body. Dacron™ or Rubber coated steel straps with steel butterfly strap anchors. 2″ or 1-1/2″ headers and plumbing depending on brand. Panel body and header width varies based on brand.



FAFCO Brand Solar Pool Heating Panel

Welded Tube Design


FAFCO Brand Solar Pool Heating by Fafco Solar

A Solar Pool Heating Panel System in Cape Coral, FL

Brands: FAFCO, Inc (manufactured in Chico, CA)

Panel Type: Welded Tube

Distinguishing Features: No gaps or slits between tubes on body of panel. Tubes are welded together forming a full-body panel. Composite anchors with Dacron™ straps. All 2″ plumbing throughout, including headers. panel bodies are 48 inches wide, but overall panel requires about 52 inches for installation with headers.



Heliocol Brand Solar Pool Heating Panel

Separated Tube Design

Heliocol Brand Solar Pool Heating by Advance Solar

Heliocol™ Brand Solar Pool Heating by Advance Solar

Brand: Heliocol™ (manufactured by Magen Eco Energy in Israel)

Panel Type: Separated Tube

Distinguishing Features: Individual tubes (photo above shows pine needles trapped between tubes). No body tie-down straps, O-Ring header clamps. Important note: FAFCO, Inc. also manufactures a separated tube model. However, most FAFCO, Inc. separated tube panels will feature tie-down straps, which distinguishes them from the Heliocol™ panels. For a closeup of Heliocol™ separated individual tubes, click here. Panel bodies are 48 inches wide with installed width about 50 inches total with headers.

How Does Florida Solar Design Group Fit Into the Southwest Florida Solar Industry?

Where does Florida Solar Design Group (FSDG) fit in? We are an independent solar consulting, design, and sales agency. We will educate you on all of the options, and believe we have the best option for our clients among the established brands.

Trademark Notice: Brands listed above may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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