Solar Pool Heating Installation Photo from Northwest Cape Coral, FL

We take installation photos of every solar pool heater we install, but not for the reason you may think. Sure, it’s nice to put pretty pictures on our website so our prospective customers can see them. But in addition to the glamour shots, we get all of the not-so-pretty details of the installation, too. This is important for a few reasons:

  • New customers often have questions. “What’s that thing in the upper right corner of the panels? Is this valve in the right position?” We can easily pull up pictures on our computer or mobile device from any installation and see what our customers are looking at. This is a tremendous help in these situations.
  • “I’m out of town — is my installation complete?” Many people have solar pool heaters installed before they arrive for a visit to their Southwest Florida seasonal home.
  • When customers want system upgrades or service issues occur, seeing exactly what was installed and how it was installed ensures that we bring the right parts.
  • We can show prospective clients how plumbing will be routed if they have a similar roof shape and system orientation in relation to the pool pump.
  • The sheer quantity of installation photos we have shows our experience, workmanship, and attention to detail.
Solar Pool Heating Installation Photo
A solar pool heating installation photo is more than just a pretty picture

We take pictures of the workhorse parts of the solar pool heater that are not the panels themselves, but the important components that make up the entire system.

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  • Dan Passmore says:

    I wouldn’t even care much about the installation as long as the pool is warm when I want to go into it 🙂 Would these installations keep a pool warm throughout a mild winter?

    • Jason Szumlanski says:

      Solar pool heaters provide 10-11 months of comfortable swimming in Southwest Florida. There are some days where it is just too cold to swim anyway.

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