Solar Pool Heating Is Popular In Southwest Florida

Where Is Solar Pool Heating Most Popular

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A non-exhaustive list of Florida Solar Design Group Solar Pool Heating InstalllationsSouthwest Florida is one of the best markets in the nation for solar pool heating. Why? Because it works SO WELL here! But where in Southwest Florida is solar pool heating most popular?

We took a random sampling of 500 recent solar pool heating installations we have done and mapped them. The results are pretty telling. Now they may be skewed because we do focus our marketing efforts in certain areas. Our great reputation tends to follow us around, so certain areas tend to snowball our client list. So this isn’t exactly scientific, but it’s interesting to see.

And The Winner Is!

We do the most business in Cape Coral, which is a hotbed of pools, no pun intended. There are also so many great roofs that are not all cut up into smaller sections, making them ideal for solar pool heaters. It also happens to be the most populated city and has the most pools in Southwest Florida, so it is no surprise we are popular there!

Aside from a cluster near our office in Fort Myers, the rest of the distribution is pretty spread out. We do installations wherever there are homes. We have clients in pretty much all major communities. Whether it is an older community or a newly constructed development, we are there.

Note that may of the place markers are hidden behind others since we have so many neighbors referring neighbors!

Anyway, it’s not an exhaustive client list, but we thought it would be fun and useful to see where people are loving our solar panels. It’s amazing how quickly our client list has grown and super rewarding to see such a diverse client base. Solar pool heating is wildly popular in Southwest Florida and we are proud to be a popular option for solar panel installations here.


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