We service all brands and offer complete repair services for any type of solar pool heating panel. If your solar pool heater or related plumbing, valves, or components are leaking or faulty, we can fix or replace it. Brands we service include (but are not limited to):

  • Fafco – Sunsaver, Revolution, Sunsaver ST
  • Solar Hydronics Corp – iSwim, Nuvis, Swimmaster, Hi-Tec, Techno-Solis
  • Aquatherm Industries – Solar Industries, EcoSun, Ultra Swim, SunLite
  • Heliocol – HC

Common repairs include plugs for panel leaks, panel replacements, plumbing repairs at fittings and valves, controller and sensor repairs for automation, vacuum relief valves, and panel leaks on the roof.

Located in Fort Myers, FL, we cover all of Southwest Florida including Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Estero, Bonita Springs, and Naples.

Solar Pool Heating Maintenance Service

Maintaining a solar pool heater is pretty simple. To keep your system operating in peak condition and to avoid small problems becoming larger, we offer a tune-up service to maintain your system. Residential customers can get a solar pool heating tune-up and system check for just $125. This service involves a technician traveling to your home to make the following checks:

  1. Panel leaks
  2. Coupling leaks
  3. Fitting and plumbing leaks on roof
  4. Plumbing and valve leaks on the wall and ground
  5. Valve operation (manual systems)
  6. Controller programming (automated systems)
  7. Test solar sensor and water sensor (automated systems)
  8. Test motorized actuator (automated systems)
  9. Visual inspection of roof mounts and sealant
  10. Operation of vacuum relief valve (VRV)
  11. Check panels for flow and hot spots
  12. Visual evaluation of straps for panels
  13. Plumbing clamps (rust, secure connections)
  14. Check and tighten all stainless clamps
  15. Look for rubber o-ring leaks at panel couplings (Heliocol)
  16. Check all fittings and valves for operation and leaks at pool equipment pad
  17. Visual inspection of pool equipment pad including filter housing
  18. Inspect filter pressure gauge
  19. Clean filter cartridge (if necessary, cartridge filters only)
  20. Identify any potential roofing issues related to solar pool heater
  21. Go over operation of your system with you (if desired)

If any repairs are required or recommended, we will advise you on the cost of additional services that may be required. Our discounted maintenance service is a diagnostic service and does not include any parts or repairs beyond simple adjustments to the system. We will never sell you something you don’t need and will give you a honest and candid assessment of your system.

You can also take advantage of our maintenance service pricing to have us prepare your system for absences during the summer or to prepare your system for optimal enjoyment when you come back from up north.

Solar Pool Heating System Evaluations

We provide verbal or written evaluations of solar pool heating system for real estate transactions, repair or replace decisions, valuations, and other times you just need a solar pool heater to be checked. A home inspection may not cover the components of a solar pool heater, or your inspector may not be knowledgeable about them. We also provide education for system operation and can explain how all of the valves in your pool system work.


Note: Solar panel brands listed above may be trademarks of their respective owners.