A Solar Swimming Pool Heater in Fort Myers, FL

Solar Swimming Pool Heater Season is Now!

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March marks the time when swimming pool heating becomes most desirable in Southwest Florida, and what better way to heat your pool than with a solar swimming pool heater? Pool temperatures tend to lag the daily outdoor air temperature. We are experiencing days in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s, but swimming pools are still in the lower 70’s if left unheated. That’s too cold for most people’s enjoyment.

A Solar Swimming Pool Heater in Fort Myers, FL

A Solar Swimming Pool Heater in Fort Myers, FL

Late December through February we have cool nights, making any type of pool heating very difficult at best, and expensive at worst. The daytime temperatures are too cool for most people to want to swim, so while we can make a big difference with solar panels, most people wait to kick off swimming season in earnest until March. Swimming pools are used frequently until deep into the fall where pool temperatures tend to remain warmer than outdoor air as the days get cooler.

When talking about desirable pool temperatures, it’s all relative. On 80 degree dry days, a 70 degree pool feels icy old, and the thought of getting out of an¬†unheated swimming pool keeps most swimmers away. That’s why this time of the year people are clamoring to get on our schedule for a solar swimming pool heater installation. Our clients are reporting pools in the mid 80’s right now, which is very comfortable. Swimming pools will continue to be heated until the humidity kicks in during the dead of summer. At that time, people finally turn their solar pool heating systems off, but you would be surprised at how long people keep them running. An 85 degree pool on a 90 degree day might seems chilly, especially if it’s dry outside.

Therein lies the attraction toward solar swimming pool heating. You can get comfortable temperatures in Southwest Florida for the entire swimming season at essentially no operating cost. If you dare to venture into the pool in the couple of months where temperature are cold outside, at least your pool will be substantially warmer than an unheated pool. It is those frigid months where traditional pool heaters cost an unbelievable amount to operate, so most people choose to just sit out the weeks where pools are not economical to heat. Otherwise, Southwest Florida is a mecca for pool enjoyment, and solar swimming pool heaters are the most popular way to ensure you can enjoy your pool for the longest season possible.


  1. I agree that it is nice to get into a warm pool and out of one when the air is not that much cooler.

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