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Solar Tax Credit for Vacation Homes in Southwest Florida

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Sanibel Solar Panels PVSouthwest Florida is one of the top places in the nation for second homes. Whether you own a winter getaway or a vacation rental here, your second home should qualify for the 30% Federal Investment Tax credit. That means you can put solar panels on your second home and claim the tax credit, and get back 30% of what you pay for solar panels!

Whether you are here or not, your Southwest Florida home will use electricity. You need to dehumidify and cool your home in the summer, even if the property is vacant. You will still have significant potential electrical needs, like pool filtration, security and other small loads that can add up to increase your operating costs. Why not let the power of the sun take care of these electricity costs?

Your second home is probably an investment, whether you are renting it out, planning to sell it one day in retirement, leaving it to your loved ones, or moving into it once retired. You can amplify your long-term investment by installing solar panels, which reduces operating costs, increases its value, and hedges against ever-rising electricity costs.

And if you have to choose to put solar panels on just one of your homes, your northern home is probably not the best option. There are only a handful of better places in the nation to install solar panels. The Sunshine State has favorable solar laws and ample sunlight to make a solar panel investment pay for itself quickly.


As always, consult your tax professional for advice, as individual circumstances vary greatly.

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