A close cousin to solar pool heating, Solar Water Heating uses solar panels to heat fluid, which can be your potable household water, or a heat transfer fluid that heats your household water with a heat exchanger. Solar water heaters provide luxuriously warm water and work in tandem with traditional water heaters, which are usually electric in Florida. They can also be used to preheat water in instantaneous water heater applications.

Around for thousands of years, there is little magic to solar water heating. If you have ever placed a vessel of water out in the sun, you know the water inside can get quite hot. Today’s solar heating panels, which can be glazed copper or polymer collectors, are extremely efficient at absorbing the sun’s energy in the form of heat. That heated water is stored for your household use whenever you open your faucet. Solar water heaters provide a seamless hot water experience, and most system employ an electric backup for times of extended poor weather or high rate of hot water use.

Solar water heating is ideal if your home or business uses a lot of hot water. Seasonal residents and smaller households may not see maximum benefit from a solar water heater. In those cases, we recommend solar electricity, which can be used year-round. If you have a larger household, or feel that you use a lot of hot water, you may want to explore the benefits of solar water heating to reduce your costs of heating water with traditional means.

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