Swimming Pool Solar Panels in Cape Coral

A swimming pool in Cape Coral that is not heated in April is just 77 degrees on average. A solar heated pool is in the upper 80’s and possibly over 90ºF if desired! In May, the average temperature is just 5 degrees warmer, prompting many people to keep their solar pool heater running to reach comfortable and enjoyable swimming temperatures.

That’s why people install solar pool heating systems well beyond the winter months in Southwest Florida, and why this Cape Coral home just got a new solar pool heater from Florida Solar Design Group. Solar pool heaters are not just for winter swimming. They also make swimming more enjoyable in the “shoulder” months where pool temperatures are tolerable, but less than ideal for maximum enjoyment.

Swimming Pool Solar Panels in Cape Coral
Swimming Pool Solar Panels in Cape Coral


This particular system has six panels at 4’x12′ each, which is a perfect system for a 12’x24′ or similar sized pool when installed on a suitable roof. We typically shoot for 100% of the surface area of the pool in solar panel coverage, adding or subtracting based on a variety of factors that impact performance. This provides the best value and customer satisfaction when sizing a solar pool heater.

Using our exclusive roof protection package with flashings that protect shingle roofs from water intrusion and elevated pads for plumbing, our system is the perfect solar panel for your Cape Coral swimming pool!

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