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NABCEP Certified PVIP Photovoltaic Installation Professional In Southwest Florida

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People engaged in skilled trades seek certifications to show the public that they are vetted as competent persons in their craft. For example, air conditioning has NATE, auto mechanics have ASE, and electricians can become Journeyman. In the solar energy industry, NABCEP is the de facto standard for certifications. But they offer a wide array of certifications and it’s important …

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Where Is Solar Pool Heating Most Popular

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Southwest Florida is one of the best markets in the nation for solar pool heating. Why? Because it works SO WELL here! But where in Southwest Florida is solar pool heating most popular? We took a random sampling of 500 recent solar pool heating installations we have done and mapped them. The results are pretty telling. Now they may be …

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Best Orientation for Solar Panels in Southwest Florida

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We have a fair number of seasonal residents in Southwest Florida who have solar electricity at their northern homes. They all talk about how their solar panels are tilted to the south. We call this the orientation of the solar panels. Orientation is comprised of tilt (angle from horizontal) and azimuth (degrees clockwise from true north). Note: This article applies …

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Cape Coral’s Largest Solar Pool Heating System

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Florida Solar Design Group has completed Cape Coral’s largest single-family residential solar pool heating system. This 768 square foot solar pool heater has sixteen solar panels, each 4 feet by 12 feet. Aerial Video of Cape Coral’s Largest Solar Pool Heating System Solar Pool Heaters Dominate Cape Coral Pool Heating Scene Installed in the Southwest Cape on a new home …

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Solar Providers Near Me

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You might be trying to search for solar providers near me, and finding a lot of out of town solar contractors and installers that are not in our area of Southwest Florida. Everything you need is available right here in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples area! Keep it local! You won’t do better on pricing if you get someone …

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New Solar Pool Heating System in Cape Coral, FL

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Here are a couple of pictures of an iSwim solar pool heating system installed recently in Cape Coral, FL. The system consists of seven 4’x12′ panels on a tile roof. This multi-roof system is more than adequate for the 320 square foot pool, and will provide virtually year-round comfortable swimming for the owners. We had to span one roof obstruction …

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Swimming Pool Solar Panels in Cape Coral

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A swimming pool in Cape Coral that is not heated in April is just 77 degrees on average. A solar heated pool is in the upper 80’s and possibly over 90ºF if desired! In May, the average temperature is just 5 degrees warmer, prompting many people to keep their solar pool heater running to reach comfortable and enjoyable swimming temperatures. …

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Solar Panels for a Pool in Cape Coral, FL

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Here’s a picture of a new solar pool heater installed in Cape Coral, FL. This system consists of eight 4’x12′ iSwim solar panels, which is a perfect size on this 376 square foot pool with solar panels mounted on the south roof. We had one roof obstruction to get around, but otherwise this was a straightforward installation on a roof …

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Cape Coral Solar Pool Heater Installed March 2016

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Here are some pictures of our latest solar pool heating installation in Cape Coral, FL. This duplex pool was too cold for enjoyable swimming in the spring, so the owner decided to do something about it. With nine panels, it is sized for maximum performance, and all of the suitable roof space was used to achieve the warmest temperatures possible. …

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Quick and Easy Solar Pool Heater in Cape Coral, FL

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Every once in a while we get a relatively easy solar pool heater installation on our schedule. It’s a welcome break from steep roofs, long plumbing runs, and roof types that require extra care in terms of safety, protection of the roof, and installation difficulty. Starting and finishing a job in one day is definitely a satisfying experience. That’s not …

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Roof Mounted Solar Pool Heater in Cape Coral, FL

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This installation of a solar pool heater was just completed by Florida Solar Design Group in Cape Coral, FL. It features a total of nine solar panels (five pictured). What you see in the upper left is the vacuum relief, which allows air into the system when the pump turns off, ensuring the system can drain properly without creating negative …

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Solar Photovoltaic System Design Layouts – November 2015

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Here is a video showing some recent solar photovoltaic (electric) system designs completed in November 2015. We use a proprietary process and templates to design solar energy system presentations for prospective clients. These design renderings provide homeowners the opportunity to see where solar panels can be mounted on their roofs and put a solar energy installation into perspective. By selecting …