Replaced Pool Equipment

Here are some before and after pictures where we have replaced valves, pumps, filters, and other equipment.

We replaced this equipment with a new Variable Speed Pump, easy to service Pentair Clean & Clear filter, installed high quality Pentair Neverlube valves, reorganized the plumbing to make it tidier, and added a salt chlorine generator. It all works together seamlessly with the new solar pool heating system we added at the same time.

This tired old pool pad had a loud pump on its way out and 1-1/2″ plumbing. When adding a solar pool heater we changed all of the above ground plumbing to 2 inch, replaced the pump with an energy saving variable speed pump, and swapped the valves for easy to rotate and serviceable Pentair Neverlube valves for easy operation and long life.

Valves like these pictured below (found in red and blue handle varieties) become hard to turn over time, Eventually the handles snap off. People have been known to cut their wrists when the valves snap, causing devastating results.

Cheap Red Handled Ball Valves Can Snap Off

Red handled ball valves are dangerous, as they tend to snap off when they become brittle.

Sometimes it’s just a good idea to straighten¬†things up. Lining up plumbing and valves, eliminating the spaghetti factory that a pool builder originally installed can help you better visualize your pool suction and return plumbing and make accessing and operating valves easier. We replaced three suction valves, two 3-way valves, two return valves, and a check valve when adding a solar pool heater to this pool/spa combination with existing electric heat pump.

Cleaned up Pool Equipment with New Plumbing and Valves Installed

Cleaned up Pool Equipment with New Plumbing and Valves Installed


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