Visualizing a Solar Pool Heating System on Your Roof

It is extremely beneficial to show prospective buyers of solar pool heating systems what the panels will look like on their home. Whether it’s concern about a homeowner’s association, the neighbor’s view, how the system will look from the golf course, or just general aesthetic concern, putting solar pool heating panels into perspective (pun intended) serves an important purpose in making homeowners comfortable with what they are buying.

What many homeowners are surprised to find out is that we generally need approximately the same surface area of panels as the pool surface. For example, a 300 square foot pool usually requires about 300 square feet of panel coverage. Since most roof surfaces in Florida are hip roofs (triangular or trapedoizal), and solar panels are rectangular, we are often filling up the majority of at least one roof, if not multiple roofs, to get the required coverage.

We use aerial imagery to trace your roof and then pop it up into three dimensions, which is the only way to accurately determine the size of your roof. Since satellite imagery is often taken at an angle, and presents only a flat image, roof surface sizes are often skewed. By using our unique 3D computer modeling approach, we can determine the best layout for your solar panels, in most cases before we even make a visit to your home. There is no perfect substitute for on-site verification and measurements, but we can get very close and provide you with a great artistic visualization of your prospective solar pool heating system. We can also take new construction roof plans and make an accurate 3D representation. We have developed a 3D modeling system over years of experience that is dimensions ahead of our competition (again, pun intended).

What we make is not just a pretty picture. We take the 3D computer model and turn it into a complete presentation package, and can also provide an interactive 3D computer model that can be easily viewed and manipulated on a computer or mobile device. From there, the drawings are used for permitting layouts. The model can even form the basis for a complete set of construction drawings.

If you have received a hand-drawn representation of where your solar pool heating panels will be installed, or even a scaled two dimensional drawing of where the panels will go, ask yourself if you are getting the best visualization that can be offered. Then call Florida Solar Design Group for a better look!

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