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Our business sells, installs, and services solar pool heating and solar electricity systems in Cape Coral, FL. We have the most modern and reliable systems and cutting edge brands and techniques available. Don’t settle for the oldest company or the cheapest product. We are prepared to earn your business and show you that we are the local leaders in solar energy.

In fact, the first solar pool heater we ever installed was in Cape Coral, FL on Coral Point Drive just off of Del Prado Boulevard. We were so excited because it was on the front of the house and we thought it would be a showpiece that everyone could see. It looked fantastic then, and it still looks fantastic now.

Since then Cape Coral has been one of our best areas for selling and installing solar panels, and that’s not surprising. With so many swimming pools, it’s an obvious place to focus our efforts, but there are other reasons that make the area’s largest city one of the best places for solar pool heating.

  • Lots of year-round residents that use their pool every month.
  • Most homes are favorable single story configurations with not too many small roof faces.
  • Orientation of most streets square to true north, offering three potential roof orientations suitable for solar panels.
  • Not a lot of shade from old growth trees.
  • High concentration of working families, retirees, and second home owners that want to enjoy their pools frequently.
  • Low cost of permits and ease of obtaining solar permits.
  • Little red tape for qualified and experienced solar installers.
  • Thousands of solar pool heating systems in use, making them the norm, not an exception.

Cape Coral is also home to some of the area’s largest residential solar electric systems. Residents are largely fed up with their utility electricity provider, and are looking for ways to save money over the long-term.

Solar electricity, also known as photovoltaics (or PV), gained traction in the early 2010s through a variety of State, Federal, and utility rebates, incentives, and tax credits. As the industry matured and blossomed throughout the country, prices plummeted, reducing or eliminating the need for incentives for many buyers. As a result, solar electricity is a growing business in Cape Coral, and many homeowners are shifting their attention to energy production to offset increasing electricity rates and taxes.

Southwest Cape Coral has seen an explosion of construction in recent years, and remains the best market for solar panels in the city. This affluent area features lots of seasonal residents and foreign homeowners that demand maximum enjoyment from their homes. NW Cape Coral has a lot of homes where people like to get away from it all, where solar pool heating provides a welcome luxury, and solar electricity provides control over electricity costs.

The older neighborhoods of SE Cape Coral feature a great mix of people with broad reasons for going with solar power.

We service Cape Coral from right across the bridge in Fort Myers. We are licensed to do business in the city and are registered with the building department as a state certified solar contractor. We are established for online permitting and can get solar pool heating permits the same day.

Some of the great reviews we have received from our Cape Coral customers include

Dominick & Jason were top notch to work with and very professional. Our solar panels were installed very quickly by efficient, courteous workers. Dominick knew his product thoroughly and was not at all "pushy" when we met with him. He guided us to the most effective and efficient system for our needs and we absolutely love the results. Our pool is the desired temperature at the touch of a button. Such a cool system!!! Christie in the office kept us very well informed on installation scheduling etc. We were referred through friends and we will pass this referral on to anyone who asks about solar products. Great product, great company to do business with.

Great service and great work. My clients are very happy!

The professionalism by every employee was only exceeded by the outstanding results we achieved with our new 10 panel solar pool heater. We also have a solar powered attic roof fan that does an excellent job at removing hot air from the attic which enables our air conditioner to work more efficiently. Both the solar pool heater and the solar attic fan will shortly pay for themselves with lower electric bills.We highly recommend FSDG.

Great experience. Very quick and customer service was great!

Cape Coral Installations

The principals at Florida Solar Design Group started their solar pool heating careers in the Cape, serving clients from across Southwest Florida, but sold more systems in Cape Coral than anywhere else. It is a hotbed for solar panels, and although we are now located in Fort Myers to better serve the entire area from our centrally located office, Cape Coral remains our primary market for solar pool heaters and solar electric systems. Our top installer lives in the Cape and we do business there virtually every day.

One of the top calls we get from Cape Coral is from real estate professionals who are helping clients buy or sell a home. Quite often the solar panels need to be evaluated for function and value. We specialize in that, providing an honest assessment of what remaining life and value the system has. The other major call we get is from clients who are ready to replace their solar panels with a modern, reliable system after frustrations with their existing brand. We are extremely familiar with all of the brands that have been installed over the last four decades in the area, and can advise you on whether it’s possible to repair a leaking or faulty solar panels, or if it’s time to replace a tired old system.

One of the most memorable jobs we worked on was consulting and sales for a new home right on the Caloosahatchee that got solar water heating and solar electric panels. It was so unique because we worked with a client that had energy efficiency in mind from the start, and understood that he was making an investment in his home like any other feature including insulation, efficient windows, and reflective roofing. It is one of the largest, if not the largest, residential solar electric systems in Cape Coral.

But solar pool heating remains the king of solar energy products in the Cape Coral market. With so many pools and solar pool panels being so ubiquitous for decades, it’s no surprise. We are well positioned and well experienced to handle any solar panel challenge you bring our way, and look forward to serving Cape Coral residents.

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