Aerial Photo of a Solar Poole Heating System Taken with a UAS Drone

Aerial Photo of Solar Pool Heating System

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Now that we have a FAA commercial remote pilot license for operating a UAS (drone), the first photos and videos are coming in. This is our first shot of a solar pool heating system in Cape Coral, FL. We have never before been able to get this perspective, and we are very excited to share it with our clients.

Aerial Photo of a Solar Poole Heating System Taken with a UAS Drone

This is our first solar pool heater photo taken from a drone. Commercial drone rules just came into effect, and we are the first contractor in Southwest Florida to become FAA licensed.

Aerial Photography of Solar Panels

Look for tons of photographs and videos of solar pool heating panels and solar electric panels in the near future. We are showcasing our work in ways never before possible.

If you want drone footage of your solar panels, please contact us. As long as you fall into the right airspace, we can get some amazing shots. We will be contacting our clients in the near future to line up photo shoots.

We have a strict policy for drone use that focuses on safety and privacy. Given that this technology is just becoming popular, we recognize that some people may have questions and concerns. Like in everything we do, we take the high road, study best practices, and implement protocols that have positive results. And we think this will yield fantastic benefits for our existing and new clients.

Look for video and photos to start showing up on our website with quality that equals our products and installation workmanship!

Video of a Solar Pool Heater from a Drone

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