Common Off-Grid Mistakes

We have gone over the importance of proper system sizing, and it should now be totally clear how important getting it right from the start is. Here are some common mistakes when designing an off-grid home and solar energy system:

  • Not properly identifying how you will use energy in the home during system design.
  • Not installing a large enough battery (capacity is not easy to add).
  • Forgetting to take into consideration the size of the required equipment and making it easy to service in the future.
  • Adding electrical loads without considering the implications – seemingly small devices can use huge amounts of energy.
  • Buying a cheap generator, resulting in low reliability, short life, and service headaches.
  • Failing to properly maintain a system, resulting in early system failure and reliability issues.
  • Expecting the system to last forever and not planning for component replacement costs.
  • Turning the home over to tenants, renters, and guests that do not understand the energy limitations and how to use or maintain the system.

Remember: “People use energy, not buildings.”

If you avoid these pitfalls, you will be very happy with your system. This is not meant to scare you or dissuade your from an off-grid lifestyle, but there are practical realities that you must face to enjoy your system and make it last.

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