Solar Pool Heater Financing

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Current Solar Pool Heater Financing Offers

Bundle a solar pool heater and variable speed pump for as little as $50 per month!

No interest, no payments for 6 months!

Solar Pool Heater Loan Details

We have partnered with the manufacturer of our solar pool heating panels to offer you fantastic loan and deferred payment alternatives through their in-house financing company. Because this is a manufacturer supported program, we can pass along the savings to you. With instant or same day approval in most cases and a simple application process we administer ourselves, this cuts out the difficulty of obtaining third-party financing for your purchase.

Financing through our program is unsecured consumer credit with no lien on your house or the solar panels themselves.

You will be offered a low payment at a great rate with no prepayment penalties and transparent terms. Pay off your system as quickly or slowly as you want (subject to minimum payments).

Why We Offer Financing

Transparency, honesty, and integrity win us your referrals after the sale, and we won’t jeopardize that by selling you financing you don’t need or want. If you are seeking to finance a solar pool heater and related equipment, we understand why. It can be a big purchase, especially when you have just bought a home, a new pool, or had other household expenses.

Our financing product allows you to buy a system now so you can enjoy your pool, and pay the loan off at a pace that suits your budget. Flexibility and allowing you to keep your cash up front provides you with options. We find that many people use their tax refund to pay for luxury purchases like a solar pool heater, so deferring payments makes sense.

Through our programs we can offer you financing without exorbitant dealer fees, so you don’t pay any more than you would with a cash purchase (except for a small refundable application fee).

Since solar pool heater warranties last 12 years, it’s easy to pay off a system well within the warranty period.

Sample Financed System Options

Here are a few of examples of what you can expect. Your purchase price may vary depending on the size of solar pool heater required for your pool, convenience features purchased, and any changes to your existing pool equipment.

Example 1: Purchase a solar pool heater and energy saving variable speed pump

  • Save $30 – $50/mo in electricity costs compared to your single speed pool pump.
  • Enjoy a solar heated pool without additional gas or electricity costs for heating.
  • Minimum monthly payment of $50/mo. 
  • Pay off in as little as 5 years and five months with a monthly payment of $100/mo.
  • Paid off in 2 years and 4 months with a monthly payment of $200/mo.

Example 2: Purchase a solar pool heater, solar controller, variable speed pump, new filter, and complete equipment pad refresh

  • Get all new equipment at your pool pad including valves, filter, pump, and automation for your solar pool heater.
  • Pay as little as $70 per month.
  • Minimum payment drops to $50/mo with a small down payment.

Example 4: Purchase a basic solar pool heater with no interest and no payments for 6 months

  • Enjoy your pool now with solar heated pool water every day of the year.
  • Pay nothing with no accrued interest for six months
  • Delay payment until you get your tax return, bonus, or other expected income.

Enjoy Your Pool Now!

Financing your solar pool heater allows you to:

  • Enjoy your pool now, without the high cost of electricity or gas
  • Afford larger systems, more features, and complementary upgrades
  • Save money every month with a variable speed pump
  • Spread out your payments to fit your budget
Punta Gorda Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity

Also known as solar photovoltaic, power your home with solar electricity and connect to the utility grid as your electricity producer.

solar pool heating collectors

Solar Pool Heating

The most popular and efficient use of solar energy in , FL is with solar pool heating panels.

Fort Myers Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating

Heating water is one of the largest electrical loads in , FL homes, and you can reduce costs with solar panels.

In addition to the above products, we offer related accessories, pool automation, pool filters, solar controllers, variable speed pumps, plumbing and valve upgrades, solar attic fans, solar tubular skylights, and more in . If you don’t see a solar product or energy efficient upgrade your are looking for, please contact us to learn more about what we offer.

Florida Solar Design Group offers the following services in for solar electricity, solar pool heating, and solar water heating:

service consulting 1

Solar Consulting

The first step when considering a solar energy investment is learning.

service design

Solar Design

We help you determine what solar products will fit and how they will look.

service sales

Solar Sales

When you have made a decision to invest in solar, we provide the best products.

Solar Education

Empowering You with Solar Knowledge from our Experts

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