The Joys of Off-Grid Living

People have many reasons for living off of the utility grid:

  • No access to utility power or expensive to bring power to the site.
  • Desire to be independent.
  • Need for reliable supply of electricity or redundancy.
  • Reduction of fossil fuel sourced electricity (green agenda).
  • Protection against civil unrest or grid failure.

The feeling you get from being your own “power plant” is extraordinary. You can take control of your energy production and use, live a life of luxury in remote places, have reliable primary and backup power, and achieve a smaller environmental impact.

The technology to do this exists today, and has existed for decades. It is reliable, readily available, and proven. With drastically lower prices of the energy production means (solar panels) in the last few years, it is becoming more affordable to increase energy production to meet all of the needs of a typical household without having to rely too heavily on backup generators. Once the most expensive part of a solar energy system, solar panels themselves now make up a very small fraction of an off-grid solar energy system, in some cases under 10%!

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