Cape Coral's Largest Solar Pool Heater

Cape Coral’s Largest Solar Pool Heating System

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Florida Solar Design Group has completed Cape Coral’s largest single-family residential solar pool heating system. This 768 square foot solar pool heater has sixteen solar panels, each 4 feet by 12 feet.

Aerial Video of Cape Coral’s Largest Solar Pool Heating System

Solar Pool Heaters Dominate Cape Coral Pool Heating Scene

Installed in the Southwest Cape on a new home near Veterans Pkwy and Sands Blvd, this pool heater’s large size has a purpose. The orientation of the home does not provide a good south-facing roof. In fact, the roof faces east-northeast, but it has an extremely low slope. That means it get’s some sun nearly all day year-round.

You will see solar pool heaters on thousands of roofs in the city. And for good reason – residents want to enjoy their pool without the worry of high utility bills.

An average size pool in Cape Coral requires 6 to 10 solar panels depending on size and other factors. But this is no average pool, and no average home. Built in a modern European style, this masterpiece of architecture sits on a Gulf access canal. The pool/spa combination is pretty typical in size, but has advanced automation features. A Pentair EasyTouch PSL4 with ScreenLogic Internet access controls both pool functions and solar pool heating.

Optimized for performance and energy savings with a Pentair Intelliflo 2 VST pump, this pool system now has a solar pool heater to match it’s advanced features.

Equipped with iSwim Solar Panels and 2 inch plumbing and headers, the low flow resistance of the iSwim system ensures optimal flow for performance balanced with energy savings for pool circulation.

The economies of scale with a large solar pool heater provides unparalleled performance at a terrific value.


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